1SI CANopen problem how to copy parameters from a module to another module.?

I need to copy configuration from module to nev module.

I have Anybus Configuration Manager + interface - I made upload and download configuration , everything is done unfortunately it does not copy properly, I do not know why?
I read that it can be done under TIA, I have a PLC S7300 with a project in TIA 13. I imported 1SI blocks from Step7.
Is there an example somewhere that should be parameterized to properly copy the module configuration ??

Hi @Artur_K,

There isn’t really a way to just copy the configuration. It needs to be implemented following the instructions in this manual:

User Manual for 1 SI CANopen - Installation

Are you implementing as transparent CAN or as a CANopen Master or Slave?


Hi @kyle_HMS

This is Installed in the machine, implemented as master.

What values ​​should be entered in the ID DB_Start, DB_Size
For the correct copying of the module memory. ?

See Page 48:

Hi @kyle_HMS
Problem solved - copying works.
Thank you for your support.