2005CD Talk2m connectivity failed

I am trying to configure a 2005CD device with Ecatcher. I established connection on internet with the device. The connection was tested good as well. But when I configure Talk2m connectivity.

eWON configuration wizard / Talk2M / Connection test & configuration
Current operation Finished 15

Check mark on WAN connection
Check mark on UDP connection
Check mark on HTTP direct connection
HTTP Proxy connection Operation skipped
----- Read Talk2M config Access denied
… Test VPN connection
FAILED: Access denied

My question is What would be the problem? that won’t let finish the connectivity process?

any help on that would really appreciated.

Hi Juan,

You receive the Access Denied message when the device is already tied to another account. You will have to contact the seller and ask for them to remove it.

Thanks Zach,

I Remember bought this devices to a person how put it on sale on Ebay which is my case. Is there a way to untied it from this account from Ewon support? I didn’t buy it to an authorized Ewon seller.


No, we cannot untie the device.

Purchases though eBay you will have to contact the seller since it was a third party purchase we cannot verify ownership.

I already talked with the person that sold me this device in 2019 and their response is:

" I got that item form auction. I don t know who administrator is."

I can understand that security is first at all, but the only thing I can not understand is why there is no way to untied this device from one account from Talk2M account through technical support.

I have another device Cosy 141 and works perfect and I get lucky I guess bought it in the same way from EBAY.

In short words and in my understand I loose 185$ because there is not way to do it. Am I right?


Can you provide the serial number of the CD.
Since it was not sold though us or a distributor we don’t have purchase history of the device past that. I can look at the account that the device is tied to with the serial number though.

Yes, The serial number is Moved to Note.

Reviewing on the Technical support documents found one called “Talk2m wizard fails” and says: “If you do not have access to the previously used Talk2M account then contact your local Ewon support center.” I have a question. Do you think if I’ll send it to one of the authorized Ewon sales. Can they able to do it for me? Because at the end of the day I got proof that paid for this device from Ebay and I don’t want to loose it.

Thanks again

Hi Juan,

The account the device is tied to is still active. I created a case on it to continue support and you should receive an email about the case being created. If you have not logged into the ticket system before you will have to use the password reset to set your password to view the ticket. You can find that here:


Hi Zach,

I already see the case. I reset my password. just let me know what else to do. I will be waiting for your instructions.



Hi Juan,

The case has been resolved. If there is another issue please create a new ticket.