2x CAN@NET NT200 - communication over internet


I have currently connected two CAN networks with 2 CAN@NET NT200 devices inside a LAN network, it also works via Internet when both are in one VPN, but I would like setup communication via external IP over internet
which ports do I need to forward for master and for slave device?

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Hi @Pawel,

The slave will use port 19239, but you will have to determine the master port in the config.




Thank you Kyle for the answer
Please tell me where can I find the option to define the master port for communication with slave? I can’t find it in the IXXAT CAN-Gateway Configurator
Is IP port this option? this option is grayed out


No, this is not something that you can set with the CAN-Gateway Configurator.

The Port is greyed out because it is only configurable with the ASCII Gateway Mode.


I understand,
so please tell me where I can define the port for the master, it is not possible for me to forward all ports from 1024 to 65535
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You should be able to do port forwarding by using port 19228.

Here is a guide you might also find helpful because it goes into greater detail than the user manual, the Software Design guide:

4.02.0332.20000-CAN-at-net-Generic-Protocol-EN.pdf (446.7 KB)


thank you Kyle, but I think I describe my problem wrong
your reply and PDF file refer to Gateway mode and there is nothing about configuring TCP ports for the master device,
I need to connect 2x CAN @ NET via the Internet in CAN-Ethernet-CAN Bridge mode, on one router I understand that I need forward TCP / IP ports 19229 and 19239 for a slave device, and what ports should be redirected or how to define them for the master device? because it is not possible for me to forward all TCP / IP ports up to 1024 to 65535, I do not even think that it is needed, as well as it seems to me that something like server-client transmission with only one port open on the server side?
I do not want to use devices to connect to a PC, I want to connect two remote CAN networks together
just like in CAN@net II/Generic https://www.ixxat.com/docs/librariesprovider8/default-document-library/products/repeater/can-at-net-manual-generic-english.pdf


Hi @Pawel,

You did not describe it wrong - I included that manual because it has other information about the device that might be useful to you.

I don’t think you can set a static port on the master interface. I have emailed the product engineer to check.

Are you just trying to create firewall rules? If that’s the case, just chose a port that is not in use and is in that range (1024 - 65535 tcp) and let me know if that works.



Here is the response I got:

The slave device (server) is listening on port 19239. So the NAT router on that side hast to be configured with port forwarding (port 19239 open).

The master device (client) opens an socket and uses any (random) port number and establish a connection to the slave port 19239. Maybe, on the side of the master, a NAT router should be open the port 19239 for outbound communication.