3G Network Shutdown in USA

AT&T will be shutting down its 3G network in the US and the shutdown will be completed by February 2022. This will impact several HMS products.

Impacted Ewon devices
• Ewon Cosy 131 3G: EC6133D
• Ewon Flexy 3G extension card: FLB 3202
• Ewon Netbiter EC350: NB1005

As part of this process, all the HMS 3G cards have been deactivated as of February 7th, 2022


Use the WAN port on an EC350 either with a local internet connection or with a third party modem.

Upgrade hardware to newer Ewon model:

NB1005 (Ewon Netbiter EC350) => NB1023 (Ewon EC360 North America)

You can contact HMS for more details on how to acquire this device and or a 4G SIM Card.

Flexy and Cosy

A newsletter has been sent out to all Talk2M admins informing them of this situation

Please visit the following link for detailed information:


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