A script to detect communication errors


We have a customer using a PLC to toggle a tag that if high, will log all data into a historical log table. This data is then emailed at the end of the week.

The problem they’re having is that if the PLC goes offline, they have no way of knowing. Is there a way to detect if there are any communication errors with a script? I could find anything in the BASIC IDE reference guide.

The customer claims that if the PLC (AB Logix) is restarted communication is stopped, even if the PLC comes back online, the Flexy needs to restarted to get this working. But I believe that the Flexy should re-establish the connection once the PLC is back online. Is that the case?

You can add a status tag for a IO server that monitors the connection status. Then with an setup and onalarm or onchange to run a function in the basic IDE.