AB-7028 Serial to Modbus TCP Subnet status timeout/Red

Hi all,

I’m using an AB-7028 with an IoT gateway that acts as a Modbus TCP client. Currently I’m simulating the Modbus RTU via modsim32 application that simulates the data for the AB-7028. I’ve created the configuration with a modbus RTU node and two commands to read the registers from modsim32 application. My issue is that I always get the subnet status indicator as “Transaction error/timeout or subnet stopped”. I’m unable to solve this issue as everything seems to be setup correctly in the AB-7028.

For reference I followed this video by Anybus How to connect serial Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP

I would really appreciate if I could get some assistance on this issue.



I would advised creating a ticket on hour ticketing portal. You will be reached out by your local support team for more assistance.