AB 7670


Can the AB7670 talk to two devices, one Ethernet/IP on one subnet, and another Profinet IO on a second subnet? (eg. Ethernet/IP is 10.10.10.X/24 and Profinet is 192.168.127.X/24)

I am looking at the manuals, and both manuals have sections for settings for IP configurations, but it doesn’t appear that you can set two interfaces in the UI.


The AB7670 has essentially two independent network interfaces with a shared memory area for transferring data from one network to the other. So yes, the device will have 2 different IP address. They can be on different subnets, or the same subnet.

You can set the IP addresses for either network using the HMS IPConfig utility (make sure to set the dip switches to OFF to prevent the address from reverting to the dip switch settings).

Only the Ethernet/IP IP address can be set using the web interface:


On the PROFINET network, the master will end up setting the permanent name and IP address for the PROFINET slave. See the following application notes for more info about the PROFINET network configuration:

Anybus X-gateway PROFINET with Siemens S7-1500 PLC & TIA Portal

How To Configure Anybus PROFINET IO Slave Module With Siemens Step7 PLC

Thank you Kyle

You’re welcome!