Dear Sirs. I´m using the AB6005 (PROFINET) gateway to interface it with a SIEMENS 6ES7 414 3EM06 0AB0 PLC. I´m using the GSD files available at https://www.anybus.com/support/file-doc-downloads/anybus-ic-specific/?ordercode=AB6005. I´m using 10 bytes IN / 10 bytes OUT. Unfortunately the PLC doesn´t find my device. Either with DHCP active or not. However, when I ping my device straightly thru a PC, my device answers properly. I´m trying to add some images catched from STEP7 IDE in order to ease to see what´s happening in the network … but it is not working. Anyway, can anybody gimme a support about this problem? Waiting for a feedback. Regards!

Hello @xalbornoz,

The AB6005 is not a standard gateway rather it is an embedded device. You will want to contact the manufacture of the device it is embedded into. They will need to provide support for the device.

The device is configurable by the manufacturer and they can make many changes.

HMS provides a generic GSD file, which corresponds to the default settings in the module (i.e. when operating in normal mode with the default identity settings). The device is most likely modified so it is not compatible with our generic EDS.