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Hello, I have an AB7000 connected to an RS232 device, I have it set to DP, and can log the input data from the device and see it using Anybus configuration manager. Meaning it appears I have the variable and fixed values in the subnetwork working as expected.
The GSD took a little effort to load into our PC-S7 based Project, now that it is loaded it can be seen on the network but we are not able to see any ouptut from the AB7000. Is there any requirement to set the PCS7 node to see the data out of the AB7000. The online Youtube video mirrors what I require except my data is continous not triggered. I have the logger table which matches the rs232 devices output. Any thoughts, is the data mapped to the PCS7 node? If yes is the data selectable, ie, only data we need transmitted, leaving data not necessary not tramisitted?


Hello @tglinde,

The logging feature is going to show you all serial traffic on the network. To determine if the communicator is consuming data you can look at the node monitor this will show you the data that was consumed and is stored in memory.

What do you have setup for your consume transactions do they match the data seen in the log?



May I find out who can answer a question at HMS about the AB7000 using a PC-S7 network.

It will be helpful if this can forwarded to HMS, I am not the controls person so we will not be able to answer much of the questions. I can however, forward questions to the controls person.

What I do know so far, I have a serial rs232 device configured into an Anybus AB7000 set fieldbus to P_DP, subnet is set to consume data, three fields first variable, second and third fixed. Data updates continuously, any character starts a message, LF CR ends the message, space or similar character delimits the field.

When I use configurator monitor I can see the three fields with the hex values.

The Anybus is communicating and detected by the network address 37. However, the information is not being received by PC-S7, is the PC-S7 node requiring configuration for the data fields.

In the online video one variable data field is programmed and shows on the information update when triggered.

My question, what is the process that transmits and converts the information to the PC-S7 node to indicate the values in each field.

Our controls engineer had difficulty loading the GSD into the Project, not sure if this is impacting the ability to see the AB7000 output.

Appreciate the help.







Please see the response to your original post here:


I have included the configuration file and the data logger readout.

I can see in the Anybus the information coming in from the analyzer. The device registers into the PLC, just not able to translate the information.

Read out is






Hi Alarm




What am I missing in the Profibus node to read the information?

Anybus Configuration Manager  Communicator RS232422485   CUsersus1912DesktophmsclaymontTEL8800A AnyBus Config Filecfg

Log window

TEL-8800A, AnyBus Config File.cfg (16 KB)



Looking at the configuration it looks like that should just be pulling in all of the data from the serial stream. Have you determined if it is actually pulling in the data? if you right click on the node and select node monitor this will show you the data that is in memory. If it is 0s there is probably an issue with the consume transaction.

Based on your previous message you might be running into an issue with timing. try setting the message delimiter to 0 so it is one second. this assumes a greater then 1 second interval between messages.

If you are pulling in data from the serial side you should just need to add the device to the plc. from the PLC you will need to add the device to the PLC using the IO size seen in the subnetwork monitor. We have application notes on theFiles and Documents page for the device. Take a look at those and let me know if you have any questions.