AB7000-C proper configuration

I have to exchange a faulty AB7000-B module with a new AB7000-C. The gateway is exchanging data between a serial RS232 device and our control system (Profibus).
I cannot connect to the existing module to upload the config file, so it must be done from scratch.
From the HW config we exchange 170 bytes as inputs and 2 bytes for outputs. The mapping details are found in one excel file.
Several trials have been done, without success, the parameters from the configuration are not correct.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Config.cfg (16.0 KB) miaemc-schnittstelle-map_32_en.xls (265.5 KB)

Good morning Dear Vlad,

1- What error do you get from the device?
2- How is the led status of the device?
3- Could you please send me the logs?

Best regards,

Hello Mert,

  1. DP Slave Diagnostic is attached. It seems that there is a parameter configuration issue.

  2. Led status for the new module: 1 OFF; 2 ON; 3 OFF; 4 OFF; 5 ON; 6 Blink Green
    Led status for the existing module: 1 ON; 2 OFF; 3 OFF; 4 OFF; 5 ON; 6 ON (Green Fixed)
    The existing module cannot be accessed.

  3. Log file attached.

I also attach the IO details and some notes regarding configuration.
I am not sure about the protocol that i have to use if is either Master Mode or Generic. But i assume that first, the module should have the communication set up properly.
Anyway, i have tried both protocols, with several configurations and the result is the same.

Many thanks for your valuable support!

miaemc-schnittstelle3_r3_Profibus DP_engl.doc (32.5 KB)
07_02_22_continous.txt (5.1 KB)
DP diagnostic|552x438

Hello Vlad,

I need the LED colors as well.

The logs are relatively short but what I see is that the gateway is not receiving any telegram from the device.

If your slave device is Modbus RTU slave, Master mode would be better but if not you should use the Generic Mode, however, I can’t comment on it since I don’t have any manual for the device. According to the doc file you attached, I have a sensation that Generic mode would be suitable.

Since I don’t have enough information about the slave device, I am limited to help.

What is the reason that you can’t reach the existing gateway? Is it password protected?

Best regards,

Hi Mert,

LED colors are as follows:
-for the new module, 2&5 are steady Red and 6 is blinking Green
-for the existing one, we have 1,5&6 steady Green

Unfortunately, I do not have other documentation from the supplier regarding this communication, apart from the files that I already sent to you, in the previous messages.

The existing gateway cannot be found by the ABC manager. Another strange thing, is that I have tried to connect to other gateway, AB7000-B that we have in the plant, which is functioning, and same result - cannot be found. The new AB7000-C is found in less than 1s.

I am using ABC Manager V4.5.1.0, from HMS.

Do you think that with a older version it would be different?

From a closer look into the IO addresses I counted 171bytes for inputs and 2 bytes for output. (print screen attached) From the mapping file a number of 170 bytes are used as inputs.
I did configurations for 85 words and also 86 words -inputs and 1 word - output.

The profibus address of the module is 74. It is configured by the rotary switches.

Just to be double sure - the subnetwork node slave address is related to the serial node, yes? As is the destination. If so, I am not sure what number to put here. The serial device we have consists of 4 electronic boards connected between them. The first one has no visible address, and the others have address 1, 2 & 3. The gateway is connected to the first serial board.

I appreciate you bearing with me,


Hello Vlad,
Can you share with me the serial numbers?

For the new module, the LEDs 2&5 tell that respectively Prodibus and Serial can not communicate.

The profibus address and subnetwork node slave addresses are totally different.
Profibus address is configured by the rotary switch and should be entered on the Siemens side.
The node address is the address of the serial device and should be entered on the Anybus Configuration software side.

If the Profibus address is 74 on the Simatic, you need to configure the rotary switch to match with 74. (After changing the rotary switch it is necessary to reboot the device.) Here is the installation sheet for the rotary switch.

The I/O size of the gateway should match with the PLC.

On the other hand, the node slave address is the address of the Serial device, you need to learn that address in order to communicate.

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Hi Mert,

Below you can find a picture with the gateway label.

The address of the serial device I assume is 1, but I am not 100%.

What about the ABC Manager version? Do you think it can influence if the module AB7000-B is found or not?

Many thanks,

Good morning Vlad,

Could you please open a ticket on support.hms-networks.com and then I would be able to escalate the case to Anybus Headquarters from the system to learn about the older model compatibility to the configuration manager.

Best regards,

Morning Mert,

I can open a ticket, sure.

The serials from the both AB7000-B modules are 00006508 and 00006587. Both of them are not found by Anybus Manager V4.5.1.0

Is it possible to send me a link to a older version of Manager to give it a try?

Thanks mate,

Hello Vlad,

I would need to ask you to open a ticket on the ticket portal with a photo of the old unit(like the new one- with the sticker.). support.hms-networks.com

Best regards,