Ab7000 communicating with Siemens S7 300 plc with Em6400 Energy meter



I am new to this forum.
New to Anybus

I am having issue while communicating AB7000 - C Converter with Em6400 Schneider Energy meter. Anyone can please help me to resolve this issue.

I configured and checked some data is coming but when i connect with PLC module is not communicating.

After download anybus module not coming online and
LED status
no - 1 OFF
no - 2 RED steady
no - 3 OFF
no - 4 OFF
no - 5 RED steady
no - 6 Green Blinking.

I attached configuration details.

I request expert to help me on this…EM6400.cfg (16.0 KB)
log.txt (26.4 KB)



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