AB7000 "this abc is not compatible with this configuration"


please i need your help; im using AB7000 to let vfd working with modbus RTU communicate wuth s7-300; i, using abc config tool to configure the abc communicator.
i made the connection with my laptop throught a phoenix-contact to convert rs485 (2wires) on rs232 then i use rs232/usb cable to communicate with abc config tool
i can upload configuration from the abc; but each time i try to download config i have this msg “this abc is not compatible with this configuration”; i tried to renitialise but always the same msg; please help me


Hello @souag_mohammed,

You will see this error when the fieldbus type is not set correctly for the module you are downloading to. Make sure the fieldbus type is set to PROFIBUS-DP for the ab7000.



hello deryck tha,ks for your reply; the configuration ive maded is good; ive already set field bus on profibus dp


vv powerflex.cfg (16.0 KB)


please could you help me


Hello @souag_mohammed,

I have download and tested your configuration on an AB7000 here and did not have any issues.

Was this device programmed before ? Can you upload from the device? Can you provide a image of the side showing the serial number and model number of the unit.

From Tool > Options > module perform a factory restore on the device and try to download to the device again. Does that allow you to download to the unit?




config origine sur passerelle.cfg (16.0 KB)


hello; ive sent you the image and also the cfg file that i upload from the device. when i try to do the factory reset i receive the same msg.
NB : i can upload from the device but i can not download
to communicate i’m using phoenix contact converter from rs 485 to rs 232


Hello @souag_mohammed,

This is not an AB7000 and is actually an 017980-c or ABC-PDP-SE LUFP7. It is a custom product we built for a third party. I have been unable to find any additional info on the device. Does the other side of the device provide any additional info? You will most likely need to contact the Company we manufactured the device for for info on its configuration and setup. My guess is they have custom software to program the unit.



Hello here is the other side.
You mean that the software that im using is not the good one for this gateway and i need to contact schneider support ?




Yes, It looks like you will need to contact Schneider Electric for more info. You distributor might also know more info about the device.



Hello mr Deryck thanks for you


Hell mr Deryck, i’ve got the good version of the gateway’s software, the old problem disapear but when i try to download to the gateway the software lose communication, please can you help me on that


Hello @souag_mohammed,

You will need to work with Schneider Electric on this issue I do not have any details on the hardware or the software used with the device.



Hello ive got the good version and established the communication, my problem was with modbus configuration speed. Now how can i send a modbus command from the gateway software.