AB7000 Transaction error

I hope you are going well. I want to explain our problem. The AB 7000-C module we use communicates between the BMS-2500 glycol reboiler and the Siemens S7-400 plc. The issues in the project, which was launched several years ago, are as follows:

  1. Although the Glycol reboilers are in regular operation on the field, the PLC system (Siemens PCS7) show the reboilers are off, and the re-ignition process has taken place.
  2. The PCS7 emits four alarms simultaneously and indicates that the reboilers have shut down, but these alarms are not real; BMS-2500 is in regular operation.
  3. A permanent red LED (chanal 5) is active on the AB7000 module (explanation: Transaction error/timeout or subnet stopped). In the meantime, the green light is activated twice (explanation: Running correctly, but one or more transaction errors has occurred).
    Please check the program. I am new to this system, and I would be glad if you help me.
    Reboiler_v9_4.cfg (16.0 KB)
    Best Regards

Hello David,

This is an odd issue without fully knowing the entire system it is difficult to say. I would have to guess that this could be an issue in the serial communications. Where connection to the node is lost. You should be able to use the log feature in the configuration manger to review the serial traffic and look for issues.

For additional help please open a case on http://support.hms-networks.com/