AB7000C - configuration


May you help me?

I´m new in forum and first time with I use this equipement.

I have an AB7000-C gateway from Anybys, which has already been configured by the equipment supplier, to connect a volume meter to our Siemens plc.

The image below shows the configuration already made by the supplier


As I understand it we have 5 words for reading, 2 for writing, and 1 more for reading. I don’t know if my interpretation is correct.

To PLC – Siemens

I’m working with Simatic Manager v5.6, which in the hardware catalog already has the Anybus Communicator Slave hardware, but I also installed HMSB1803.gsd, downloaded from the website: https://www.anybus.com/support/file-doc-downloads/communicator-specific/?ordercode=AB7000

I created a new project on a benchtop plc with a 416-2dp cpu, and inserted the Anybus hardware into the profibus network, used the address 22. The Anybus address was set to 22.
Input words entered
– INPUT – 8byte (4 word),

  • OUTPUT – 4 byte (2 word)
  • INPUT – 2 bytes (1 word).

After downloading according to the configurations made above, the gateway fails in the profibus network by the plc hardware, and fails in the BUS2F network, flashes red and the system led is lit red continuously, on the front of the CPU.
The LEDs on the communicators are as follows:
1 - OFF, 2 - RED, 3 - OFF, 4 - OFF, 5 - RED, 6 - GREEN flashing

The existing fault in the plc hardware is: Module not avaliable (I/O access erro ror parameter assignment error).





Hello Jefferson,

Thank you for submitting a topic.

When you configure the module in logic you just need to make sure the IO size match exactly how the size that is configured on the device.

Right click on subnetwork in the tree and open the “subnetwork monitor” From here you will see the byte size. Make sure the combined modules sizes you add to your device match this size. You typically want to start with the larger size first then add smaller ones. In the image below I would use one 4 byte module and then a 2 byte module for input data then a single 2 byte module for the out size. If the size was 6 I would use a 4 byte and a 2 byte module.

I don´t know if helps, but the guys passed to me the table of configuration:

Ok Deryck

Thanks for your help.

I tried to change in plc hardware your suggestion, but not work.

I check in subnetwork monitor like you show, and I can see that I´ve a colision at In Area, like in the picture:

When I dismark the last Read, the colision get out, like in the picture:


you can update the response for the additional transaction to the 10th byte.

You will also want to update the config in symatic to match the 10 bytes in and 4 bytes out. You out area should change to 12 once you move the conflict
You should be able to use a 8 byte + 4 byte for the IN and then a single 4 byte for the OUT.

Ok Deryck

I did the configuration for Data location, works well.

I configurated the new words in plc program, but the problem coninuous

Another suggestion?



I would expect this to work now. Did you download the configuration to the communicator?

Is there communication on the bus? Is there any additional error messages in the diagnostic tab?

What data did you move into the 0x400 - 0x4003? Perhaps I am overlooking something in you config. Could you share a copy for me to look over?


hi Deryck

“Is there communication on the bus?” - I don´t think so, because only side profibus e pc are connect, the RS232 are disconnected. I´m working in laboratory far from the equipment.

“Is there any additional error messages in the diagnostic tab?” Is this the diagnostic tab? Picture:

“Could you share a copy for me to look over?”
The file of configuration are shared in the link.


Hi @jivanqui,
Sorry I wasn’t very clear, I was referring to the profibus network not the serial side. The serial side does not need to be connected for the profibus side to have a connection. You know if your profibus network is configured correctly and if there is communication on this bus? Does the DP slave Diagnostics tab in Simatic provide any more details on the connection error.

Can you also verify what version of Anybus Configuration Manager you are using? Have you downloaded this configuration to the Anybus Communicator?

Hy Deryck, ok sorry my mistake

The configuration is correct in profibus network, follow in the picture of DP slave Diagnostic:

I make download the configuration, after change the parameter location because the colision , but the configuration is the same for supplier of the equipement send for me.

For Profibus has only configuration: Fieldbus type: PROFIBUS-DP. I think is correct, right?

The version of ACM follow in the picture:

Based off the errors in Simantic I am wondering if you need to download to the PLC or profibus network.


Sorry, I didn´t undertand.
I already download the hardware of plc. But is possible for me do this again anytime is necessary.

Is it working now or are you still seeing those errors you posted?

Still with errors

Hello @jivanqui,

Please review the steps in the following application note and verify you are following all the steps.


Morning Deryck,

I did a new test: I put a remote intead gateway, make a new configuration for a new hardware, and you can see the result in pictures bellow:

With remote, the plc works well, whithout failure.

And now using the same plc, puting the gateway and make a configuration for the hardware:

With gateway, the plc and gateway has failure for network profibus.

I already try tree gsd files that has in website.




Can you describe the LED’s What color are they and how are they flashing. Is LED 6 flashing green? Is led 4 off?


Hi Deryck

The LEDs on the communicators are as follows:
1 - OFF, 2 - RED, 3 - OFF, 4 - OFF, 5 - RED, 6 - GREEN flashing


How I can do the factory resset?

The LED’s indicate that the profibus side is offline but no other errors.

Maybe the node id is not set correctly? Double check the switches under the front cover.

You can factory restore the device from Tools > options > module > factory restore