AB7003 - Subnet error


Hi David,

Please attach the serial device doc and anybus config file and we’ll have a look and get right back to you.





Here are the requested documentation.

I’m using the polled binary output for the weather station (page 4).

I misspoke on the phone, the data stream is 8 bytes long; 2 bytes each for the wind velocity components and temperature.


Hey David,

In this case it looks like the device only sends data after receiving a query so you might want to use “Master” Protocol Mode (as opposed to Generic) with Query/Response instead of Produce/Consume. According to Page 3, you will select the output format when setting up the device, and according to what you set there, you will need to customize your Response data.

It looks like you are trying to send the query ‘MA!’ so you would set up those 3 byte constants, and then the response will depend on the settings you choose for the output format (i.e. Custom, NMEA, Polled Custom, Polled Binary).



I tried the master setup first.

It also yielded the same results.

In either method, the gateway communicates and obtains data from the subnet properly.

The problem is that it doesn’t rebroadcast it on the fieldbus.


It doesn’t rebroadcast data. It acts as a slave on the CANopen network so it doesn’t initiate communication towards other nodes by itself, but can be read from/written to by a CANopen master.


Is there a way to make it just broadcast?

If not, what command do I send it to read data?

I’m not using a CANopen network, just a plain CAN network, so I have to construct the request packet from scratch.


No, it can’t broadcast. You are going to read the data from a PLC I assume? You’ll have to configure the CAN network with the software for that device. You will import the EDS File for the AB7003. What devices are going to be on the CAN bus?