AB7007-B serial commands to Roboclaw motor controller

Anybus.cfg (16.0 KB)
First time user here when it comes to a Anybus Product. I have the AB7072 Ethernet/IP which I am trying to communicate to a Roboclaw Brushed DC Motor Controller (see link to user manual below). My question is in regards to the checksum calculation. Page 59 of the Roboclaw manual describes how the CRC calculation needs to function. I’ve attached the config file to this post as a reference.


It looks like you have the checksum configured properly for the transaction, although I’m not exactly sure what their checksum code is doing. If it is doing anything other than a standard CRC, ones complement, or twos complement, then you may have to manually calculate the checksum for the transaction and include it in the frame.

Have you tried it yet and if so does it work or do you get an error? If you get an error, what is the error?

If you are getting an error and can’t determine why, you will probably need to contact the OEM and ask them for the calculation they are using, unless you know how to interpret the code they included in the manual.

Here are the Anybus options: