AB7007-C extra word at end of in/out area of subnet


I have a question, as I might have done something wrong adding the control, and status words manually. Below, I see that there is an extra word on out areas of my subnet network. For the out I programmed 8 words, addresses 40001 to 40008. With adding the control word that it should be 9, I think. But, I see 10 in total. Can you tell me if the extra word is used, or if a made a mistake and how to fix . The in area looks to be right that I have 15 words, plus 1 status, for a total of 16 words.


I have attached my config file as well.

Tantec_HVX33(1).cfg (16.0 KB)

The status and control word takes two bytes.

Your register counts looks fine, and there are no conflicts. Are you experiencing issues with communications?

So, I am suppose to have an extra word, for 10 words, on the output area of the subnet, even though I am writing to only 9 words from the ethernet/ip side? It just did not make any sense. I am trying to use the status word and the status code that I get back, and got a Buffer Overrun. Everything works fine for the application, but it was odd. I am still working through making sure the I am getting the right bits that are to decode the status code and wanted to make sure of the 9 words versus 10 words, because my PLC only writes to 9, because of the 8 modbus registers and the control word that I am using

You are going to be writing 9 words starting at register x202 in the output area. The first byte is used for the control/status word. The control/status words is used on the EthIP side to verify device/ communication status.

Thank-you for the clarification. So the above first visual of the subnet of the out area showing 10 words, plus the status word is correct, to write 8 words of PLC data and 1 control word? Should I not change the write to 8 words, starting at 0x202?