AB7007 Configuration for Ethernet/IP


I’m trying to configure a AB7007 Gateway to integrate a serial device to a ControlLogix L61 in RSLogix 5000 version 16.

I’ve already declared it as a Generic Module on IO Configuration Tree, the communication seems OK, but I don’t know how to configure the serial port and the information of the Serial Network.

Can you please help me?

I’ve already watched the videos of the support area in anybus website and saw the configuration for the comunication with the SLC-500, but no information about the ControlLogix communication.

Thank you and Best Regards!

Are you using the Anybus Configuration Manager - Communicator RS232/422/485?

This doc is for ControlLogix:

Please reference the User Manual and other docs on this page and let us know if you have any specific questions.


Is there any tutorial of Anybus Configuration Manager applied to the AB7007?

The AB7007 and AB7072 are exactly the same except for the fact that the AB7072 has an extra ethernet port.

Have you explored the resources on this page yet?


We also have a YouTube channel:


If you are struggling we can also arrange a Teamviewer session to help you get started.


Also keep in mind that there are hundreds of devices but the instructions for setting up each side are going to be the same on an EthernetIP to Serial device and and EthernetIP to CAN, for example. So you don’t need to find specific instructions for the AB7007. You just need the instructions for setting up the EthernetIP fieldbus and the Serial Subnet.

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