AB7007 - problems understanding data sended




I have problems understanding value sended by communicator, i´m getting machine general status 0x0023 (35 decimal value), but i got only hex values on manual what wont correlate with hex i´m getting from communicator.

Is there some `decoding´ for that hex value in logix to get correct value.

Communicator is read by allen bradley control logix with message instruction and data is stored in INT(248).

Thanks in advance.


Hello @MOD820,

Is this data read or is this an error code on the PLC?

I am not sure i understand your question. There isn’t necessarily any decoding that needs to go on but you do need to know what data is being read on the serial side. You might need to make sure the correct data type is being used. Is the communicator receiving SINT, INTS, DINTS, REAL, or possibly just sending ascii characters? You will need to make sure the PLC in interpreting the data correctly. You might also need to take into account the endianness of the data. If the endianness is backward you might actually be getting 0x2300 or decimal 8960 .



So there is no decoding needed okey thank you.

Its seems that the problem there is multiple messages sent at same time with same tag. There should be only one.

Thank you for help.