AB7007 Set the new IP address


I have just got an used AB7007 communicator from eBay. I am trying to set a new IP but when I connect the Ethernet cable to my switch, none of the switch LEDs turned on. it seems there is no device connected. I tried two other cables but the same issue. I also changed the dip switches on AB7007 for preset IP like but it did not work.
the communicator’s status LEDs is as below:
1- Blinking Green
2- OFF
3- OFF
4- OFF
5- Solid Red
6- Blinking Green

Should I do something else to be able to communicate it? or the device might be malfunction?


Hello @mr.heidari63,

A flashing LED 1 suggests the device might not be currently programmed. I would recommend trying to connect to the device over the serial programming port (RJ11) and make sure it has a valid configuration. LED 2-3 being off also suggests it is not seeing a link on the ethernet port, but this could be related to a missing config.


Hi Deryck,

Thanks for your info. I can connect to the device through RJ11 port and use management software. I choose Ethernet/IP interface and set IP and other network requirements and when I am going to download them, first it shows a message saying that it could find an Ethernet/IP communicator/device and when I ignore it and continue, it shows another message saying that the download failed.

I am really confused how to set up the IP on my device. Also, it is better to mention that, when I connect the communicator to my network switch via ethernet cable, the switch’s LED are off, it seems there is no device connected.
I appreciate you helping me more.


Here is an empty config with the AB7007 interface selected and the IP set to You should be able to download this to the device.
emptyAB7007.cfg (16.0 KB)

Make sure select the comport that is connected to the communicator. If the wrong one is selected you can see the errors you mentioned it will still send the data but not realize its not connected to a communicator.

If you are sure you are connecting to the correct comport you can try a factory reset to restore the device incase the firmware was corrupted. Make sure you have the ethernet/ip & modbus-tcp option selected. Then go under tools > options

Dear Deryck,

I highly appreciate you. I could download it. The problem was firmware.

Great! glad to hear it is working!