AB7013-C Profinet IP configuration issues

I am having issues configuring the IP address for this gateway. The option is not available on the ACM software (as we usually use for Ethernet/IP gateways) and the IP Configuration software as well as the webpage option are not storing the IP after a power down and power up.

I would have also attempted to change the IP address through the system files (\ethcfg.cfg) but I am not sure how to access the ASCII file. The device is not available on windows file explorer if I try to access the IP address (\

I also need to rename the device but not sure about what area to rename so our customer can see the name on their PLC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks,


Hi @BHanz34,

Typically you will set both the IP address and name using the Profinet Controller, but if you prefer to use the ethcfg.cfg file (you can set both IP address and hostname in the file), that needs to be accessed via FTP, so type in the file explorer if that is the address. The Anybus will obtain an IP address from a DHCP or BootP server.



Thank you. I was able to download the ethcfg.cfg and edit it. I then replaced the file on the FTP in file explorer. Unfortunately, the device is still showing the old IP in the HMS IP Config and also on the web server.

The interesting thing is the host name does change after a reboot and saves.

Any ideas?

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The IP address in the ethcfg file will be overwritten if you have an IP address set in the Configuration Manager. Upload the configuration and make sure you have it set to ProfiNET and not Ethernet/IP:

Unfortunately, cannot anything to work. I have a .cfg file for the device that configures the subnetwork. Could that be causing an issue?

Yes, that’s what I’m referring to. The IP address which is set in the cfg file (from the Anybus Configuration Manager or ABCM) will overwrite the ethcfg.cfg file on the device. You will need to change that file using the ABCM and then download it to the device. It sounds like it’s set to Ethernet/IP instead of Profinet. The software and user manual can be downloaded here:



Sorry for the delayed response. The file is not being overwritten. I checked after uploaded and downloading to the device in ACM many times. The ethcfg.cfg is still my modified file with the desired IP address.

I don’t think there is any way it could be set to Ethernet/IP. I have separate config files for different devices. If I try to use the wrong file, it will not download to the communicator.



With these devices, the IP address is configured using the Profinet controller (software). If you are not the one responsible for configuring the Profinet side than you shouldn’t be worried about what the IP address is currently set to. It’s going to be changed irregardless when the integrator for the Profinet side sets it up. I’m not sure how it was set to what it is, but you aren’t going to be able to change it until you configure the Profinet network.