AB7013 - configuration file exceeds maximum length


getting an error telling me the configuration file exceeds maximum length

when I look at the subnetwork monitor only 220 bytes out of 512 are used?

Any ideas?

Final 11.cfg (16.0 KB)
Final 11.cfx (17.8 KB)

Most likely it’s due to too many transactions. The Communicator theoretically supports up to 150 transactions, but the actual number may be less, depending on the memory requirements of the defined transactions. A Query/Response transaction uses the memory space of two transactions as there is a Query transaction and a Response transaction.

Transactions where sequential memory space is being read or written to can be combined. Then transactions can split into separate tags either in the Process Tags Editor or in the PLC. For example, if there are 3 registers that are being read, 10 through 12, instead of using 3 transactions reading one word each, one transaction reading 3 words can be used instead.