AB7013 RS422 to Profinet IO Configuration

Good morning,

I am trying to set up a connection between a Micro Epsilon optical distance measurement system (type: confocal DT IFC2422) and a profinet IO network.

Micro Epsilon controller send continuously 2 output distance signals, each 3 bytes in total 6 bytes, through RS422.

I have configured the anybus gateway in Generic Data mode.
If i start logging the subnetwork data is perfectly visible in the logging file.
When i try to monitor the node, no data is being captured.
Also in the higher level components (SIemens PLC) no data is visible, hardware configuration seems to be good.
I tried both, consume variable data and consume data.
I have never used an anybus gateway before, can somebody explain me what i do wrong?

Attached some screenshots and the coniguration file

Thank you!
20191007.cfg (16.0 KB)
Subn_status.pdf (64.6 KB)
DB10.pdf (136.3 KB)
Log.pdf (74.6 KB)
monitor.pdf (91.0 KB)
FB1.pdf (139.3 KB)
HW_config.pdf (173.3 KB)

Hi @TWIN99,

I believe you are using the wrong GSDML file. Please make sure you aer using the latest version of the Anybus Configuration Manager ( and use this GSDML:

GSDML-V2.3-HMS-ABC_PROFINET_IO-20141127.xml (42.8 KB)


Hi Kyle,

I have tried to use the GSD file you have send me but the problem stays the same…

Met vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards,


Can you try changing the message delimiter to something much lower, like 50 or 100?

Also, please try changing the offline option to Freeze.

Can you also tell me what the LEDs are doing, before and after these changes?

Hi Kyle,

Following the status leds as you asked.

  • Original conifuratiion:

I’m sorry for the delay. I did not see your entire message.

It looks like the device does not have a delay after sending the values. You need to figure out what the delimiter is for the message. It should be in the Micro Epsilon documentation or you can contact them to find out what it is.

Essentially it is just sending a constant stream of bits, so the Anybus does not know when one message starts or ends.


Hi Kyle,

The Micro Epsilon controller has the ability to configure a data reduction of the measured values and the ones send trough RS422, by doing that I’ve noticed a delay after sending the values.

The measurement values are now also available on profinet.

Problem solved.

Thank you for your help!

Met vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards,

Great - I’m glad you got it working!

Hi, nice to know you. I need this file, can you help me. Thank you so much.

GSDML-V2.1 -SEW- DFE-DFS 2Ports-20121127.xml