AB7013 Serial Queries / Collisions



Hello, I have an AB7013 (Serial to Profinet Gateway). I am communicating to 8 devices (4 devices x 1 query, 4 devices x 3 queries). I have a region specified for each response, however occasionally data from another response loads into the incorrect region. In other words, I think sometimes the device is making a query before the last device had a chance to respond. In other scenarios I suspect there are collisions because we get a timeout and all data in the region goes to zero. It is confusing to me how transmissions are selected, is there a way we can set it up so that it rotates through each in a cycle? The time settings don’t really imply that it isn’t trying to send messages on top of itself. Maybe there is a diagram that demonstrates an example and how the settings change the queries / response windows etc.


Take a look at section 14 in the manual:


This sections references Status and Control registers. Are you implying that the subnetwork comms should not be managed internally by the AB7013? I was hoping to use the communicator as an independent device that handles the low level comms exclusively and to only poll the data through the higher level.

What I was hoping is that there is a way we can configure the module to make one query, wait for a response or a default timeout period before moving to the next query. In this way we can avoid collisions or accidentally reading data into the wrong input memory.


If you want to send your configuration file we can take a look to see what adjustments are possible.