AB7028 ascii programming

I want to program my communicator with ascii code, but i have not any experience with ascii. I have attached the example ascii code from a serial printer.
Only the panel id, device number and event should be send to modbus tcp.
anyone help me to send an example config for that
thanks in advance

I see you already have a case open with HMS. I will check with the person who has the case.

yep, that’s right. I have opened a case for that. It’s a bit urgent situation, that’s why i tried my chance from hms.forum :slight_smile:

Yeah I get it. We didn’t get an attachment, but here is an example of a generic serial device sending and receiving 24 bytes. You would use the Modbus master to read/write to those 24 bytes.

generic_example.cfg (16.0 KB)

sorry forgot the attachment.ASCII CODES FROM PC.xlsx (12.7 KB)

So you could just change the size in the example to 94 bytes (variable size) or whatever the max is. If you don’t need to send data to the printer, then delete the produce.

ok, thanks Kyle