AB7072-B (ABC is not Compatible with this configuration)


Hi Guy’s,

I have a 7072 configured on Ethernet/IP communicating with the plc ok.

I uploaded the running file that has correct handshaking and modified the Modbus side to get communication going to the remote device.

I am unable to update the software and get the message “ABC is not compatible”
I have tried to restore to factory settings using Tools - Module - Options - Factory Restore but get the same message.

I have tried rebooting the unit several times.
Compressor_032019.cfg (16.0 KB)

Any ideas?


Hi @Fayced,

Typically this error comes up when the fieldbus is set to the wrong type once common mistake is setting it to ethernet/ip/modbus TCP single port when you really have a two port version. Looking at this configuration everything looks correct for an AB7072 however. Where you already have a configuration on it try uploading the configuration to verify the fieldbus settings. Or perhaps you actually have the one port version AB7007.



Thanks Deryck,

It ended up being the version of AnyBus configuration manager I was using. It was okay initially, but looks like on subsequent downloads the AB7072 would not accept the configuration.




Hi @Fayced,

Interesting I’m not sure I have seen that cause errors like that. Were you using an significantly older version of ACM? Or maybe an configuration exported from a different version?



No the local guy’s here in Aus figure as my 7072 was new it might have had newer firmware in it. The older version I had was 4.4 from memory.

All good now and getting data back from the ModBus side. The only thing that is a nuisance is the minus sign in the SINTS as AB has no way to read words like Siemens etc.


Thanks for the update.

You should be able to indicate that the sint needs to be interpreted as a ASCII character.