AB7072-B Communication EtherNet/IP Adapter for Modbus RTU Slave

Hello team support,

I’m doing the test below

Status Gateway

1 - Module Status- Green

2 - Network Status-Green

3 - Link/Activity 1- Green flashing

4 - Link/Activity 2- Off

5 - Subnet Status- Red

6 - Device Status- Green

What may be the problem?


A red LED 5 indicated an issue on the subnet side. Make sure the modbus transactions are setup correctly. You can use the log feature to see if you are getting a response and check for error messages.

About Modbus | Simply Modbus Software Is a good resource to help decipher the logs and modbus messages.

Sorry for delaying to reply

Accordinng to the manual of Sensor, It needs a register length of 5 and the Anybus communicator Manager needs a register with the length of 6.

I want to read the Following addresses

Here is my my CFX file of my configuration test.cfx (1.5 KB)

Here is my Sub-network Status

Hi @Dumisani_Owen ,

This is the difference between the data address and the modbus register. You will need to subtract 40001 or if it uses base 1 data addresses then 40000.


PS. The CFG contains the configuration the CFX has meta data. I would need to CFG to view your config.