AB7072-B Communications to Stratix Switch

The AB7072-B is connected to the Eaton Power Meter IQ 250/260 via ModBus RS485. The log file shows communications, but there is no data in the Node Monitor. LED #5 remains red regardless of whether the power meter is connected or not. The wiring has been verified. Attached are the configuration, log file, and power meter manual are attached.IQ 250_260 High Performance Multifunction Electronic Meter Installation & Operation Manual.pdf (5.9 MB)
Eaton IQ Power Meter.D01 (4.2 KB)
CPP Power Meter.cfg (16.0 KB)


I didn’t get the log from the AB Configuration Manager. You can find it under the Tools menu. I need to see the Modbus transactions, specifically the responses that you are getting from the Power Meter.

I can also take a look at this over Teamviewer if you are interested.



Sorry about that. I realized my mistake this morning. See attached. Working on getting internet for team viewer connection, but will be later in the day.

Thank you.

The log doesn’t contain any errors. It logged every transaction, except for the reads of 0x011A, 0x011B, and 0x011C. You are probably getting the Red LED 5 from a timeout or error that isn’t contained in the log. I would increasing the timeout because there were some instances where it came very close to timing out:


I would increase it from 100 to 500 or so.

Make sure everything is connected and powered on and then power cycle the Anybus. The light should stay green then.

As far as not seeing any data in the node monitor, that’s not normal. You should be seeing the data. Is it showing nothing or zeros? Can you share a screen shot?


See attached lates configuration file.

CPP Power Meter20200116.cfg (16 KB)


First of all thank you very much for your help the past few days. We were able to get the module to work by using a switch in between the AnyBus and the Stratix Switch, and changing the port setting on the Stratix port to Automation Switch. The module is reading correctly now. I believe the initial issue was solved with the factory reset, and we simply needed this intermediary ethernet switch.

Thanks again.

Hi Michael,

That is interesting. I’m glad you figured that out and didn’t order a new one! Thanks for letting me know!


By any chance, do you know how long the cable run was between the Anybus and the Stratix switch?

It was connected via patch cable approximately 1 foot.

Gotcha. What might be happening, is that, ENBT cards with fw rev 4 and older aren’t compatible with newer Eth/IP specs like the encapsulation inactivity timeout. You can either upgrade the firmware on the ENBT card or you can disable the timeout by downloading the ethcfg.cfg file from the linking device by FTP and setting:

[Encapsulation Inactivity timeout]

You can also disable it by using an Eth/IP tool like the one in this document:

disable_inactivity_timeout.docx (183.2 KB)