AB7072 transaction configuration

Hi All,
I am working with an Anybus Communication 7072. I am trying to communicate to a serial device via rs232 and ASCII and on the other side a robot talking Ethernet/IP. I am getting good data back and forth from serial device and the robot. the issue is that when the serial device sends a value of “A000” (2 bytes) and parses each character as a byte. so instead of byte1(A0) and byte2(00), it gives me 4 bytes: byte1(A), byte2(0), byte3(0), byte4(0). this is causing issues on the ethernet/IP end as I cannot map data to a particular bit. after 39(hex) the binary value is completely different and is making my life hell. is it possible to take the 2 Ascii hex characters and stick them into 1 byte?

I am attaching 2 config files. 1 with 2 bytes as “V1, V2, V3, V4” and a second one with 4 bytes. the second configuration matches the log file (also attached).

Any help is much appreciated.

I will review these files and follow up with you.

Thank you Kevin.

Hello Josey,

I feel like there is some confusion here with what you are trying to do. A Hex numer is an interpretation of a Number in base 16.

Example: 11 (deci) = x0B (Hex)

The size of a Hex number is 16 bits = 1 Byte.

An ASCII character is a translation of a number to characters. An ASCII Character consists of 1 Byte of data.

(Hex)0x41 = (Dec)65 = (ASCII) A

You are unable to take 2 Hex numbers (32 Bits) and set them to 1 Byte (16 Bits)

Hey Kevin,
Understood. I didn’t summarize my issue very good. so when i get the 4 ascii values and gets mapped to 4 bytes (all good here), i am unable to map a single bit to an input due to the nature of ASCII. I am attaching the serial protocol of the device i am trying to connect to. refer to page 6 of the telegram and also page 47 (command 00640). what i want is to map the bits on the high bite to digital inputs.

Can we take Ascii(‘A’) = Dec(65) = Hex(41) ==> Hex(A)(4bits) = Dec(10)? Sorry for asking the dumb questions.

  • Is this not feasible with the communicator?
  • Do I have to use a PLC instead of the communicator?

Sorry. forgot the attachment.

AH5680-01EN R00 Serial communication and PC Parameters.pdf (1.9 MB)


You will have to break down the information into bits. For example you posted.

ASCII (A) = 0100 0001
Hex (A) = 0000 1010

These are two different values.

The bits can only have one value, and the AB7072 allocates information within memory in Bytes. The ethIP side will have to convert the byte data and translate the bits to the digital inputs.

Unfortunately, I am unable to manipulate data on my end. I am sure I will find an use for this product in the future.Do you have another product that can help me achieve what I want without having to manipulate data on my end? If not, I will use a plc to do the translation. Thank you for your help.