I have just purchased a AB7306

1- I have downloaded all the files from the site. I have also purchased the USB-to-CANv2 compact interface. how do i set up the CAN side of the gateway.
2 - i am going to use this with an Allen Bradley 1769-L27ERM process and have setup the connection in the Ethernet tree of the Studio project. it appears to be communicating. there are 32 SINT words in the Input and Output registers. how do i map these to the CAN interface once it is setup??


Hello Joel,

As a summary of our conversation you are experiencing, the following issues

The customer is having trouble mapping the the PLC within the CAN Configuration Manager. When he tries to map the device on PDO He can not se the PLC (NOX) nor can he see the Anybus gateway. The NOX doe not have EDS files, as of yet. However the customer is working to get them.

ANother issues is that the way the wiring is set up between the units, if he removes the connection between the NOX connecter , he is unable to see the Anybus Device as well.

We have agreed to resume this trouble shooting issue on Monday at 3PM with a screen share.


Hello Joel,

Before we start our meeting, have you been able to get the EDS files from NOX? The set up will not work without it.


Ok i have been working on them. still don’t have them. should we postpone the call??



I think we should. Withouth the EDS files, we will not be able to verify if any changes are successful, or other issues are present that we cannot see.


What is the best way to contact you??


One other question - why can’t i plug directly from the USB-to-CANv2 into the AB7306?



I can be reached through the support number and by my direct number at 312-893-5636


Deryck and I worked with the customer to provide an overview of CANOpen and our software. We worked alonside to outline how devices are set up and the importance of having an EDS file.

I will be closing this ticket and update if new questions arise.