AB7307-B - Problem to write RPD0x in CANopen slave


I use an anybus gateway (AB7307) to comunicate between a siemens 1214 and a CANopen slave.
When I configure the gateway in anybus configuration manager - CANopen, I insert the EDS file from the manufacturer (SCANRECO). I can configure frame for TPD0x and it’s operate but when I configure frame for RPD0x there is a warning : " no producer for RPD01" and I can’t do the mapping of this frame in the gateway.
With another slave a can do all frames.

Thank you for your help!


Can you upload the EDS files and configuration from ACM CANopen along with a screen shot showing the mapping you have setup. I will need to recreate the error to better understand what you are asking. It sounds like the slave device might have static mapping and is looking for a RPDO to be configured.


@Yannis ,

I have marked the solved for now let me know if you have any further questions.