When I make a Scan Network in Anybus Configuration Manager - CANopen I can see node 1 Anybus X-gateway (green) and node 10 Empty Node (blue) with status No matching ESD file.
(Node 10 also showes Device Name HY-R21, Vendor Tele Radio AB …)
I have recieved and installed ESD file from Tele Radio.
If I drag the EDS file to the Group and gives it node no 10 it will be red and with Status Node differs.
Tele Radio claims that their ESD file is ok.
Can I in any way make Anybus Configuration Manager to accept the node?
BR Arne

There is not much that you can do if there is a problem with the EDS file.

Can you send us your configuration file (.hcg) and the EDS file?

Hi @AOV,

Were you able to resolve this issue?


Hi Kyle
Wee have changed the communikation to Modbus.
Anyway I send the config file and EDS file.
Mabye You can see what is wrong.Hydra R21-v3.0.eds (49.2 KB) Hydra R21-v4.1.eds (49.2 KB)

Anybus AB7307.hcg (44.6 KB)

Thanks, I can add the node using the EDS, I don’t get any errors with the 3.0 version, but without the device to test I can’t replicate your problem. It appears that something in the EDS does not match with the device.

Hi Kyle
Thanks for your reply
BR Arne

You’re welcome. Let me know if you have any other questions.