I have a scenario using Modbus RTU and a CAN network.
I would like some basic assistance.
Shall I share a diagram?


Hello @bwidmer,

Thank you for reaching out for support I would be happy to provide you with assistance with your setup. Would you be able to provide a description of the issue you were running into or the questions you have?



Aloha Deryk,

We are working with our product, that is using Modbus RTU Protocol.

We do have access to RTU to TCP Converters, if required.

We are wanting to send our system data to a CAN device.

The CAN device will react to the data that our product provides.

I feel that our primary issue is related to initial learning curve, so having your support can be very helpful.

We spent several hours reading the Anybus documentation and operating within the Software.

So, we are as prepared as we can be. Still a ways to go.

I will provide a line diagram and some screen captures as we re-engage.

Should have more data, Friday.

Are you able to assist with online web meetings or by telephone?

This project site is in Colorado – USA.

Note: We have switched out the AB7316 for the HMS NETWORKS AB7319-B Modbus TCP/IP






Hello Ben,

If needed we can assist via phone or teamviewer. Do you know what CAN messages you need to send? This is typically the difficult part to sort out. Once you understand what you need to send it is just a matter of setting up the transaction in the Configuration software with the corrected objects. Do you know what protocol is being used? We have this application note that uses the J1939 protocol. We also have this example project that uses a MOVILINK protocol. Both would be good to review to help you understand the concept behind setting up messages.

Do you have any questions I can answer before you start friday?