AB7317 communication


Hi, my name is Yuriy. I have issue with one of the AB7317 gate communication. I have 3 8-byte output modules and 2 1-byte input modules configured. Outputs words are reaching the CAN device successfully, no problem, but input words can’t pass thru the gate. My TIA Portal diagnostic screen shows some difference between online and offline modules, but does not really give me details about what should I change in order to make them identical. Please, help.



Hi Yuriy,

It looks like a problem in TIA portal but hard to say what, did you use our GSD file and check the documentation here: https://www.anybus.com/support/file-doc-downloads/communicator-specific/?ordercode=AB7317



Hi Kyle,

Thank you for the answer. Yes, I used your GSD file. And yes, I have checked the documentation on the support page. Can’t find anything that could help for now.
Do you think the device firmware version can affect the situation? As the device installed has been purchased few years ago.



Maybe, what is the version it has? Can you send me your config file so I can take a look?

Maybe you are missing input data?



Make sure you follow these instructions: