AB7318-B offline

I have a Allen Bradley Micro850 connected to the CAN - Ethernet communicator.
I can see/read the broadcast data for the battery packs I am monitoring. which is all I need from the battery control module. (Battery pack summary) via the CAN bus.
However, because the Ab7318 is offline, I can not import the data to the PLC nor write it to the tags on the HMI.
I done everything I could think of and everything I’ve read in the forums and manuals… Help!

Hi Charles,

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by the device being offline? Is it offline in RSLogix? If so, what errors are you seeing?

Hello Hugh,

Sadly I’m running CCW on a Micro850…Yes I’ve heard all the horror stories !!

I am using the CAN to Ethernet Communicator AB7318-B

I can see the data on the Anybus via CAN line listener and the Monitor/Modify pages, however, can’t port it over to the PLC via CIP.

I only need the broadcast data so I am just doing consumes. It is on the Diagnostic/Status page tells me the Network is offline. I can ping it, and using an IP scanner as well as RSlinx all 3 components show up.

I only have the PLC / HMI / Anybus connected through a 5 port switch. I believe that since the network is offline that is the reason the PLC can not retrieve the data.


Is it possible to use Modbus for your application? When using Connected Components Workbench, we generally recommend using Modbus as Eth/IP can be poorly supported in this software. The AB7318 does support Modbus. Check page 28 of this PDF: ABC_CAN_EIP.book

That doesn’t answer my question. Why Is the AB offline? Why won’t IP Config see it?? Why can I ping it and see it via IP scan, RS Linx…etc… yet LED’s 1&2 keep flashing??

What type of CIP connection are you trying to set up between the Micro850 and the AB7318?

Can you send some screenshots of the errors you’re getting?

Additionally, you say LEDs 1 and 2 keep flashing. What color are they flashing?

Hello Hugh,

As I said in my prior message. The Diagnostic/Status page shows the AB7318 is offline.

I also get an ‘Error Active’ on the CAN State. Received CAN Frames increment when Cyclic is set to free run.

Running firmware 1.13.1

What I want to know is why it is offline, how do I get it online and why doesn’t the IPConfig program see it???

I can ping the address ( RSlogix sees the address, even an IP Scanner sees it. Only devices on the net is the HMI, PLC, Switch & AB7318. = PLC = AB7318 = HMI = Lap Top

Leds 1&2 flash green, Leds 3&4 flash showing ethernet links are talking, Leds 5&6 are steady green.

So, I believe I can’t get the data from the AB7318 because it is OFFLINE… I see the data via CAN line Listener, and Monitor / Modify pages, but that is as far as it goes…

I have tried using CIP and Modbus2 functions… but zip, zero, nada…



From the point of view of the Anybus, it’s offline on the Ethernet/IP network because the PLC is not capable of creating a class 1 connection. You won’t be able to get it online using a Micro800 series PLC. You’ll need to use MSG instructions or Modbus.

As for IPConfig, the device not appearing there isn’t relevant to the issue of communicating with the PLC. It’s most likely something with your PC or network configuration.


Okay then, sounds like I’m held hostage by the Micro850 PLC!!

I’ll try using MSG_CIPGENERIC or MSG_MODBUS2 (Modbus/TCIP)

Thanks for your help, next time I’ll spec a Logix system !