AB7318 Subnet Status

I’m trying to setup an AB7318 (CAN to Ethernet/IP), and am having potentially several issues getting the bridge setup. The current issue I’m facing is that the “Subnet Status” LED is blinking red on the device. I have the subnetwork setup, and when I go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘CAN Line Listener’, I am able to pull the CAN messages in from the network. The CAN Frame configuration that I have set up matches some of the messages that I’m seeing in the ‘CAN Line Listener’, yet I’m getting this error light.

In addition, if I go into ‘Monitor/Modify’, I’m not seeing any data getting populated.

Any thoughts on where I need to start?

Can you please share your configuration and log of the line listener?

I ended up calling into tech support, and we got this issue figured out. For anybody having the same issue, we ended up finding out that I did not have all 8 bytes of the CAN frame accounted for in my setup. I was only looking for data from the first 4 bytes of the 8-byte CAN frame, and so we had to add a method to consume the last 4 bytes, even though they weren’t relevant to our setup.

Once all 8 bytes were accounted for, it worked fine.

Ah yes, I did speak to you yesterday, didn’t recognize the user name :slight_smile:

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