AB7318 with BRX PLC

Greetings. I have an Automation Direct BRX PLC talking to an AB7318 in a new configuration. I was able to setup the communication between the two devices and the CANBUS. I perform a PING function from the PLC and it operates perfectly. I have five green LEDs and I have been able to read values in the PLC from the CANBUS. The Ethernet LED shows occasional communication and the CANBUS LEDs (5&6) are on steadily.

The problem that I have is that I cannot get LEDs 1&2 to show steady. They continuously flash, even though I am communicating. The diagnostic tool in the calibrator shows that the link is offline. I can’t figure out what the communicator is looking for so that I can see if it is available in the PLC.

One other item is just a question. Is there a way to view the contents of a memory address in the communicator? I am writing values to the memory locations and would love to verify the results.

Thank you for any ideas or help in answering these questions.

What kind of connection is the Automation direct making to the device. Is it having issues reading or writing data? If you are not creating a Class 1 connection for cyclic data it would not change to solid green.


I will have to check on that because I am not sure what type of connection it is using. I have been able to read data from the Anybus module and it appears correct.

I have tried writing data to the module but I don’t know if the data is correct or not. Is there a way to see what the Anybus register contains?


You can use the monitor/modify window to see the data in memory.

Thank you for your help. I had to add a couple of instructions to create the continuous communication and I think I am all set now. I wasn’t really sure what Class 1 was until you pointed it out.

You’re welcome, glad I was able to help.