I am using an Anybus X-gateway (AB7550-F) to connect a Profibus-DP network to a MQTT broker. The gateway is setup as a Profibus master and IIoT server.

In the Anybus Configuration Manager - IIoT I can only add tags in 1 direction (Gateway to MQTT). Is there a way to make bi-directional communication possible via MQTT or is it only 1-way? How about Profibus to Modbus TCP?


Our devices are unable to be programmed to be bi directional with MQTT. It will only be a one way transaction.

As for the Profibus to Modbus TCP, we do offer several types of X-Gateways. I would advise that you reach out to your distributor on what is available. We also have a support page for the Gateways, where you can select from the available Interfaces.