Replacing an old AB7632 with a new AB7632-F using Rockwell ControlLogix version 16.
Cannot get data through-put.
Keep getting error 16#0128 even though all input and output sizes are the same.
The data chart is all gray.
Any suggestion

Hi Steve,

Can you share your config file (.hcg) and a screen shot of the input/output settings in the RSLogix/Studio 5000 software?



here you go

In the Anybus Configuration Manager, can you go to “Save As” to save that file and send it to me please?

I would also recommend installing the EDS file (found here) and adding the device that way.

Test 2 Steve.hcg (6.0 KB)

tried that, in old versions of RSLogix, Anybus card does not show up after including EDS file, still generic Ethernet module

OK. I see what’s wrong. In RSLogix, you need to change the sizes to 120 and 120, because you have it set to words (16-bit).

Can I change the Anybus Config to 480/480?

Yes, that works too.