I just received the purchase of Anybus AB7642, with the aim of including:

  1. Replacing the SA85 card installed in PC Scada (Wonderware Ver.7.1)
    which is connected with 3 Modicon PLC’s through the Modbus Plus port.
  2. Upgrade Wonderware with the Modbus TCP protocol, which was previously with OPC to SA85 Card.

Please help with setting AB7642 with anybus configuration manager? so that New Wonderware with modbus TCP can monitor the three PLCs that are still installed ModbusPlus


Hello Ben,

For this device you should be able to setup the IO sizes on the device using Anybus Configuration manager. From that point you will be adding the Anybus as a slave device to each network. We have limited knowledge on ModbusPlus here from our US office, where this forum is run. I recommend taking a look at the app notes on anybus.com or reaching out to your distributor for detailed setup assistance.



Hello Deryck.

I’m at site now so the respon from you may be faster. I have tried configuring and following manualbook. When the leds light show normal, I could not Read/ Write to plc. Any idea?

What is a reference for setting switch id node and source.? Node each plc is 1, 2 & 5. Please advise a concrete example on this application, Also may be there is some mistake on setup IO size, or ip address.

Thank you.




Hello Ben,

I recommend taking a look at the application notes available on the files and documentation page.

Chapter 2 of the modbus plus user guide covers the dipswitches for setting the Node ID’s. I can not provide a concrete example and recommend you reach out to your distributor for further assistance.



Hello Deryck,
I want to make sure you, please confirm whether or not the two things below.

  1. AB7642 can only be used to set 1 node id device. Cannot be used for all three Mb+ nodes in an interconnected network. I mean, if AB7642 is connected to one node device then the other nodes will not be detected or set even though Mb+ is already a network.

  2. Wonderware through the Mb-tcp protocol must use 3 Pcs AB7642 to access the three MB+ nodes devices. In the existing there are 3 Quantum PLC using Mb+ port.



The AB7642 is a mobus + slave device. you can only set the Node ID and the source ID.

The Slave interface can be read/written to by another node on the network. On Modbus Plus, data from/to the gateway is represented as Global Data and Point-to-Point Data.

See section 3.1 of the user guide for details on the data exchange.


Hi Deryck,

Thank you for the responses, but your your answer is still floating. I need a Yes or No or Right or Wrong answer.

Actually the Master is Wonderware InTouch, AB7642 use as replacement ModbusPlus card installed on the PC (Previously the configuration use PCI Card-SA85, and OPC as communication driver).

I change the configuration as follow with assumption that Wonderware through MB-Tcp Read/Write and 1 unit AB7642 can be a gateway for 3 unit PLC.

Is below configuration applicable with AB7642?





Hello Ben,

"The Slave interface will not initiate any point-to-point communication to other nodes, it will only respond to incoming commands. It can, however, broadcast

Global Data to other nodes on the network, and extract Global Data from another node."

For your setup to work the other slave will need to initiate the communication.