AB7649-F Factory Default

Hello, Is there a way to set the gateway back to factory default? There is a problem with the first 2 bytes of inputs and the first 2 bytes of outputs. But if i us another gateway it works fine with same configuration. Not sure if this means anything but Reading the setup it says to connect to gateway and upload the new gateway then edit the configuration then download not sure if that is what they did could this be my problem?

This may be a difference of whether or not the Control/Status words are enabled in the configuration. They take up the first 2 bytes in the input and output register. I don’t think you need to reset the device, just make sure the config matches with the Ethernet and PROFINET networks.

The software to configure the device, as well as the documentation, can be found on the Product Download page.

I have the anybus configuration manager. the control word/status word are disabled i used the configuration from the working gateway on the one that don’t work and it still don’t work. Is there something i am else i am missing? I also want to under stand why the direction is to upload from the new gateway first before editing and downloading. And can you reset to factory default and if so how do you do it? Thanks

I don’t understand what you mean by this.

In order to factory reset it, you need to reinstall the firmware. Can you provide the serial number so I can make sure to give you the correct fw?