AB7649-F PLC Connection Timing Out

I am using an AB7649-F with an AB compactguardlogix PLC and I keep getting a “Connection has timed out” on the gateway interface. I tried rebooting the module after hitting “Connect” and then uploading/downloading but this did not fix the issue.

Any suggestions as to how I fix this?

Hello @grbica ,

Can you verify you are connecting to the device via the USB port? Does the device show up in device manager and in Online > Select Connection > config? In the select connection menu use the drop down to change the try selecting the device itself, you should see the serial number listed.

Make sure you are connected then remove power from the device then when you power it on start the upload.

Alternatively you can update the config though a serial terminal such as hyper terminal or putty. Below is a link with HyperTerminal along with instructions.
X-gateway and HyperTerminal.zip (453.7 KB)