Dear All,

I am going to connect Master PLC with Dewatering System PLC.

The communaction will be done through AB7650 gatway.

The master PLC is Siemens brand (S7-1500), it will be connected to the Modbus tcp port of the gateway.

The dewatering PLC is Siemens brand (S7-1200). It will be connected to the profinet io port of the gateway.

The dewatering system supplier give access only through the supplied gateway (AB7650), its not possible to connect both PLC togther directly.

The configuration has been done in the dewatering PLC by dewatering system supplier

Any advices how to make the proper configuration in the gateway and master PLC.???

Appreciate your support

Dear all, i need your support.

For urgent matters, I would recommend that you register a support case or call support by phone. See Contact HMS support for Anybus products

You can find documentation for this gateway on the Product Page.

You will set the I/O size using the Anybus Configuration Manager software and then use the GSD file to set up the connection to the PROFINET network and use Modbus commands to exchange data with the gateway on the Modbus network. Use the IPConfig utility to set the IP address.

Thank you.

I mean can we connect the modbus tcp port with the Master PLC (Siemens S7-1500).

The Siemens S7-1500 supports Modbuc tcp server and client

Yes. The PLC would need to be the client. The default addressing mode is “Modbus Addressing Mode” and you can find the register map and available commands on page 20 of this manual.