AB7653 DeviceNet Power Draw

I’m looking to add a DeviceNet Gateway to an existing fully loaded network. As anyone who has ever designed a DeviceNet system can attest, care must be taken when designing drop length and total current consumption, as the DNET chip itself is powered by the network.

For most devices the draw is 0.080 to 0.2A but the draw on the spec sheet says 400mA, nearly double the highest I’ve ever seen, so I believe the 400mA draw is for the entire module. Does any one know what the load (current consumption, amperage, draw, whatever you want to call it) on the DeviceNet is?


I assume you are seeing the 400mA current consumption from the technical spec tab on the sire. This is referring to the gateways requirements. This would be provided from a separate 24v supply.

Looking though the documentation I don’t see the DeviceNet interface draw listed anywhere. I expect it to be minor.

Thanks for the response. However, “I expect it to be minor” is not an actual answer when designing a system. 0.080mA vs 0.2mA may seem like a minor amount of power, until you have 30+ devices on your network, in which case you could be fine with the total load at 2.4A, or over the design Max of 4A if all the devices are pulling 0.2mA.
I guess I will just ‘hope for the best’ when I go to install.
It would be beneficial if you could provide what the chipset power draw is in the future.

Unfortunately I do not have any precise data on this I have never seen this questions asked before or had a customer run into issue where it was drawing to much power to cause network issues.

The gateway uses an anybus-s card like this. Anybus Files and Documentation