AB7668-F Configuration Manager Help - EIP Input and Output data size not updating

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We just got in a AB7668-F (EIP Scanner to EIP Adapter) which we were directed to by our vendor support at DMG Mori. We’re trying to get our Universal Robots UR10e talking to our DMG Mori NLX 2500. Broadly speaking, it was explained to me by DMG that their EIP implementation doesn’t support the I/O data sizes used by the Robot (Tx=480bytes, Rx=224 bytes) and we’d need this specific Gateway to translate.

I’m completely new to this, but as it was explained to me: The Robot can only be a EIP Adapter, so we would connect it to the Scanner side of the Anybus. And we’d connect the Adapter side of the Anybus to the DMG Mori which would be a Scanner.

Where I’m getting stuck: I cannot seem to change the Input and Output I/o data size fields in Anybus Configuration Manager. I can see the USB interface and connect to it. I can upload and download configurations. I can change other options, (e.g. Changing Offline Option between Freeze and Clear) and those settings persist when I upload the configuration. But when I change Input or Output! from the default 20 bytes, save, and upload… it reverts those back to 20 bytes.

ERIK-DESKTOP10_1-6-2021_0011 |690x442

I’m totally stumped as to what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for the help in advance!


I think the issue you are experiencing is that you are uploading the configuration from the unit, rather then downloading it to the unit.

When you select download, you don’t get a warning prompt to “Save the configuration”


When you want to save the configuration to the device, ensure that you are selecting the down arrow.

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That did the trick! Thanks for the fast reply.

Hello Erik,

I am glad that resolved the issues.