AB7669 EIP setup


Please send screenshots or config files


Screenshot from web interface on Ethernet IP side:



Good morning Stephen,

What are the statuses of the drive’s ENET and LINK LEDs? Also, the FAULT LED?

Is there a switch between the drive and ABX?




Both ENET and LINK LEDS are flashing and the drive is not faulted. There is a switch between the drive and the anybus. The switch is an unmanged Redlion NTRON 108TX.


This from page 56 of the Rockwell manual:
I think the input and output sizes must be off and you’ll need to recalculate based on your configuration. You said you were in Multi-Drive mode?


We are in single drive mode. I will work with my guy on site on getting those sizes adjusted as I thought that may be the case.


We now have everything communicating but our Yokogawa DCS is no reading the bytes in the correct order. Does the gateway have a byte swap function?