AB7673-F - Static Values

Dear Experts,

I’m currently using the AB7673-F to collect data from a Thermo fisher Integrator ( Ethernet/IP Slave) and transmit it on to a AB Contrologix PLC via ControlNet. i’ve setup everything and i see data in the correct registers in the PLC. However the values are static. they do not seem to update cyclically. if i disconnect the Ethernet/IP connection and connect it again, the values update with the current, then remain static.i’ve also tried using the control words to “reset” the connection ( bit7) as expected the data refreshes to the most current value and remains there.

The Scale has multiple protocol options, Modbus RTU, TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP.

so a further test was done using the more basic AB7006 unit and the values transmit perfectly, updating continuously.

the client has already purchased the Anybus X gateway. is there any possible advice for this problem?

Thanks in advance,

You already have a case open with your local HMS office regarding this issue, so we aren’t going to duplicate the work they are already doing.