AB7680 Bad Class error when connecting to the PLC on Studio 5000


I have the following components:

  • Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC (1756-L82ES)
  • Anybus X-gateway (AB7680)
  • CC link - Mitsubishi plc

I am attempting to connect to the CC Link from the PLC through the gateway. I am getting the error “(Code 16#0005) Connection Request Error: Bad Class” in Studio 5000 when I bring the PLC online.

IO Gateway - 256 Bytes.

I tried with 20 SINT - Bytes but it doesn’t work either

Thank you for your help.

You are trying to connect an Ethernet IP Scanner to another Ethernet IP Scanner. This will not work. You need the Ethernet/IP adapter, AB7841.

Oh, thank you very much!

You’re welcome!