AB7701 - Serial Device Driver


Will the AB7701 support Allen Bradley’s DF1 protocol?


Hi Kan,

Yes, the AB7701 supports DF1.



Great, thanks for the update on DF1.

That being said, I’m currently using a Digi One IAP to connect to an AB SLC 5/03 RS232 port to convert it over to ethernet.

With the AB7701 supporting DF1, this should be a direct replace for the Digi One IAP correct or is there another product that is recommended?


Good Morning Kan,

I am Andrew Winburn with our Inside Sales Engineering team. Do you have some time to talk about your application today? Please let me know a good time frame to talk as well as a phone number and we can discuss this further to make sure you select the correct part number for the application.



Please disregard message as Rob Wichterman has already called and helped out Kan with this.