AB7832 Gateway setup


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This is the word document showing how I have the profibus slave side of the gateway setup. Unlike a normal siemens hardware setup the Fanuc controller I had to manually input the information from the GSD file. We are communicating but occasionally seeing the data drop out for less than 500ms, this causes issues with losing signals. Can you look at the setup and see if there is something I setup incorrectly or missed.?

When I setup the anybus device with the configuration manager I selected to freeze the data in the event of a timeout but I’m still seeing signals drop on the profibus side.

Anybus Gantry Fanuc GE 160i Profibus node configuration.docx (2.5 MB)

I will be back onsite at the customer facility on Tuesday Morning 11/26/18


Ryan Ramer


Hello Ryan,

I am not to familiar with setting our devices up with a Fanuc robot, but I looked over the screenshots and don’t see anything that would be causing any timeouts.

To see if we can identify the cause here are a few questions. Does the time out happen cyclically? Are there any other devices on the bus with similar timeout issues? Can you elaborate on what exactly you mean by signal drops? Does the controller just lose connection or do you receive any error responses. When the time outs occur what are the status LED’s on the gateway doing? Can you describe them?

Have your reached out to GE regarding this issue, perhaps this is something that is common with their controllers.

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To answer your it doesn’t appear to be very cyclic. Attached is a small clip of the input signals dropping out. None of the other devices appear to be dropping out. When the controller loses certain signals they will get faults or on the gantry robot. I have not noticed anything changing on the status lights on the gateway.

Also their contact as if I could look at the profibus rate on the gateway was setup correctly. I didn’t see any where to set this up or check this. Is there a place I could change the baud rate?

I’m going to contact fanuc also to see if they have any ideas.


20181127_092937.mp4 (13.6 MB)


Hello @rramer1972,

The baudrate is auto detected. If it is talking at all I would not suspect this to be the issue.

I wonder if you are looking at this from the wrong side of the gateway. The offline option of the Ethernet/IP side is set to clear, this would clear the profibus data too. Do you see any errors from the Ethernet/IP master? Try setting that side to freeze and see if that stops the issue. If it does it would indicate an issue on that side of the gateway.




I change the ethernet side of the gateway to freeze also. It is still doing the same thing.



It looks like then that neither network is dropping out and causing this data to clear. The gateway it self would not be clearing data for any other reason.

We are communicating but occasionally seeing the data drop out for less than 500ms, this causes issues with losing signals.

What makes you say that the signal is being lost? Just the data all going to 0?
While this change is being seen on the profibus side I am wondering if this is not where the issue is. Can you confirm that neither sides master ever reports any error? What if you stop the plc program on the Ethernet/IP PLC does the data stop changing?